Solo Exhibition 2018

Magic of Hands

At the time at Which the curtains of the parallel worlds opens following the incontinent coquetries of hands seeking the truth, my eyes, amazed at a strange grandeur, are continuously staring at all sides. They try and retry to reveal faces behind the mask of other creatures. Beings in a dress other than their real existence experience the lost humanity. An experience that is the result of the play of deceptions and their inner shadows in a mysterious and full of doubt world.

We wake up and see ourselves in a jittery meadow; bewildered and confused, alone and cold, tired and silent, and sometimes agitated and restless…

The mystery is blended in their lives and we will never find it. The more we look at them, the more we make ourselves hallucinated… We’re one of them, but which one?!

Perhaps a child who escapes from the clutch of swines or a woman who surrounded by gray rats, and even a man who is challenged while having a flower in hands!

When we pass by any of them, we will become more doleful for the guile and charm narration of their glance and hands…