Solo Exhibition 2011


Till Our Role Playing

This is an invitation to an odd show whose players are placed in purposefully staged historical her paintings , Nafiseh emran shows parts of ourselves in novel her first solo exhibition, similar to many of her peers from the same generation, she has embarked on a difficult path of creating new spaces. she makes us question ourselves, once again, where we are and how we should confront with contrasts and tensions. Nafiseh refers us to an age old concept of ‘’catalysis’’, as defined by Aristotle through painting the theatre. unlike pluto , Aritotle believed that art and theatre cause a certain accord in the spectator. Which results in the comfort of ons spirit. Ayers The scenes from Nafiseh’s theatre are current , while the players are extracted from old pictures, traditional popular theatre (called Roo-hozi in farsi), circus, dolls and cartoons. she admits real and imaginary, colorful and colorless scenes into her paintings that despite being contradictory create a grand show without making a statement. Although the scenes are strange and uncommon , why do they feel familiar? Why would the scenes that seem to be stationary and fixed , move in our psyche and create stories in our mind? And if they are satirical, why would they leave us in amazement in the midst of laughter and cry? Aren ‘t these paintings some sort of our own self-portrait presented to us by another?

Nafiseh emran chooses the placement of her characters like ancient Iranian portraitists, but achieves a contemporary multifaceted and carnival like result. A show from ourselves and from our memories created for us, so that we could ask who we are and where do these paintings take us?

Dr. Behnam Kamrani